Concept (Hardware and Software)

Our self driving jeep, we are collecting data since 30 months so far with this robust demo:

Here you can see a Basic CAD model (version 1.0) of our system kit, more accurate designs will come in the following months.

Basic concept using LiDAR:

Our first prototype
(We need to transfer it to a real truck, that's why we need seed money):

With our partners we will be able to offer those basic features (but not limited to):

  • Queue Assist
  • Forward Collision Warning & Braking
  • Blind Spot Detection
  • Cross-traffic Assist
  • Night Vision
  • Exit Assistant Function
  • Distance information

  • Future Applications of our Radar Sensors:

  • Adaptive Cruise Control
  • Pre-Crash
  • Parking Aid
  • Collision Warning
  • Collision Mitigation
  • Blind Spot Detection (Left-Right)
  • Lane Change Assistance
  • Rear Crash Avoidance
  • Backup Parking Aid

  • Our team is capable and working towards the following features:

    -- Lane Markers Detection
    -- Lane Departure Warning system
    -- Sign Boards Detection and recognition
    -- Traffic Lights Detection and Recognition
    -- Motion Planning
    -- Lane Keeping
    -- Motion and Path Planning
    -- Steering control giving the path by a motion planner
    -- Prediction
    -- Predicting what other vehicles are going to do, that are within 60m radius of the truck
    -- Localization
    -- Server localization computations
    -- GPS
    -- Loop Closure Detection

    We have a Google Drive account where we keep all the informations of our product, our 14 employees ready to work & our business. If you want to be an intern, you are the welcome too. Businesses, experts & Tier 1 organisations are welcome to collaborate.

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