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Vivify Trucks will revolutionize the trucking industry by making trucks smarter, efficient and safer on roads. To achieve this we are developing a kit that can be installed on about any truck and will be able to control and drive the truck autonomously and perform operations with little or no assistance from driver. Our kit and technology would be designed to withstand and work in bad weather including strong winds, rain, snow and fog etc.

We have been hard at work finding autonomous solutions to these common issues faced by truck companies and drivers. Human drivers will still retain override control of the vehicle, but the precision of our onboard artificial intelligence's driving makes trucks equipped with our kits much safer on the road than trucks with only conventional, human drivers. While a human brain can take up to a second to fully process and react to stimulus, an amount of delay that allows for the possibility of a crash, our systems can activate the brakes on a truck in mere milliseconds. With less driver errors comes less accidents, less damage and much lower costs to the truck's owner. Ensuring your vehicle and cargo's safety on the road has never been easier.

Our system kit will be:

  • Compatible with most of the trucks manufactured after 2010
  • Easy to install and maintain

  • Our kits would also come with an option of platooning where a group of trucks all equipped with our kits, can form a platoon for added benefits in fuel efficiency. Trucks in platoon will automatically maintain the most efficient formation to reduce drag to save 10% fuel on the rear truck and 5% on the front truck. Considering the close distance between the trucks under platoon we have anti-collision systems in place which can prevent a collision even in wet and icy weather.

    Owners of our system will get access to the Network Operations Center, which will allow users to monitor and direct their operations remotely from anywhere they can connect from. This aspect of our kit's system also allows vehicles and their drivers to platoon in a way that further maximizes efficiency and safety, as they are constantly updated with changes on the upcoming route including weather, geographical changes and traffic. Routes will be completed quicker and with less cost along the way. Sensors on trucks would monitor all systems and would report the driver and the network operator in case of any emergency. Also, drivers can override the system at any time during the autonomous driving by simply taking control of the steering wheel, brakes or throttle.

    All communications between platoons and their controllers are heavily encrypted with the best systems available at each exchange, and authenticated by both client and host. In addition to this automatic security, we have agents actively, manually searching for attacks on our systems so that nothing disrupts our clients' control of their vehicles. We know that you take your business very seriously. We take it seriously, too. The robust security protecting our systems (blockchain), along with the amount of control the owner has over his or her trucks allows for an unprecedented level of freedom and safety in directing their vehicles toward their goal. The prospect of building roadways for automated vehicles is gaining more and more support. Several states in the U.S., along with the capitol, Washington D.C., already allow private individuals to own and operate them alongside traditional vehicles. A long highway specifically designed for automatic trucks has been proposed to be built from Texas to Canada. The government of the United Kingdom, along with many other nations around the world, has made transitioning to driverless cars a matter of great focus. Most can see the benefits of automated vehicles for private individuals, government needs and corporate gains. The face of the road is now drastically changing, and in that change we see an opportunity to provide safe, efficient trucking solutions and assist our partners in creating the most effective fleet of shipping vehicles possible. With the artificial intelligence assistance in Driverless Truck Technologies' automated driving system, you can maximize your time and fuel economy while simultaneously enhancing your safety on the road. Unlike other packages from self-driven car companies, the Driverless Truck Technologie kit further maximizes the efficiency of a platoon of trucks with automated drafting and access to the Network Operations Center. Truck driving is about to get a major overhaul.

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