Vivify Trucks is a self driving truck company aiming to automate transportation around the world.

We are building our prototype right now, we need seed money to build it, a roadmap is available and a pitch deck if you want to see it ask us. Some say the trucking industry is as big as 400 billions US$. We help build the world's largest fleet of driverless heavy trucks. For our learning center, our system will be cloud and blockchain based.

Within the next eighth years with our low cost system kit..

We will be able to:

1) Reduce fuel/energy consumptions (between 30% to 35%)

2.a) Reduce crash accidents (by up to 90%)


3) Reduce insurance costs (by up to 30%)

4) Reduce truck repair and maintenance costs (Brakes, Tires, Suspensions) (by up to 40%)

5) Be more environmentally friendly

6.a) Reduce journey times as trucks would not need to stop (by up to 8 hours per day) (less traffic congestion too)

6.b) Give happiness and social interaction and it has been shown to directly impact longevity

6.c) Converts the monotony and stress of travel into productive time

The salary of a truck driver is around 40 000$USD per year, there are around 3.5 millions truck drivers in America and we plan to sell our system kit for 29 999$USD. Enable your truck to make money for you when you aren't using it !

For any questions, investor relations & careers please contact us at: or call us at: 1 819 841 3436

Our Headquarters:

7475 Casgrain
Trois-Rivieres G9B1X9

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